Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fr ee Millionaire Maker Seminar

Marketing your Business
"When Opportunity meets Preparation!"

This coming Saturday Tom Prendergast will be sharing the work he have been doing bringing powerful marketing to bear on your behalf. Here is a summary via bullets what to expect at this event:

  • Multiple campaigns in progress
  • Bulk Email campaigns, tracking, capture sites
  • Display ads (like banners), tracking, capture sites
  • Symbiotic campaigns, SEO and Social Marketing groups in an ad campaign via content and back links
  • Symbiotic groups participation via co-op funding.
  • Multiple tracking
  • Back linking Manager
  • Forum Posting Manager
  • Campaign Manager
This event will help lay the foundation of your Veretekk system coming into her own as the "only" fully featured automated digitally enhanced advertising agency for your exclusive use.

He is in the process of building a huge flotilla of running ad campaigns, including, bulk email services, display advertising, link exchanges, forum ads, radio advertising, etc.

Get first crack at joining the co-op at low un listed rates, Explode your business. Get in on the revolution of our Symbiotic groups and have fist place status for upcoming opportunities and new campaigns.

This is the promise of Veretekk and you can feel it coming like a freight train.

This coming Saturday at 2pm PST. Tom will be conducting the event. Will you be there too? I will

Our special guest this Saturday is accomplished billionaire and philanthropist, compassionately known to all as "Mr. Costa Rica" because of his humanitarian deeds for children, women, and families.

Having grown up as a street person living in condemned buildings he defied all odds as he earned his first million at the age of 27. Today he continues to amass wealth driving many of his businesses to the top, some in as little as 60 days! Integrated Marketing since 1995.

After this event at or around 3pm PST Tom will be conducting a full scale V2 orientation. If you want to know how the V2 system works, this is the event. Recording of the Orientation will be allowed.

To join the conference, just just go to Veretekk™ system scroll down to the bottom for the calendar. Login there.


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When we learn to motivate other people, our own motivation will increase greatly. This is the fuel that keeps me motivated on a ongoing basis. In order for me to achieve great success in my own home based business I must be able to help other people in theirs by keeping them motivated through training and mentoring.

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