Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Life In the Philippines

Life in the Philippines
On the Up and Up

For a few weeks now I have been planning a major improvement in my Lifestyle, my net worth has been under attack as goods and services cost more and exchange rates and investments have lost value. So it it time to take some action.

I rediscovered one of my business books which had been stuffed in a box in cupboard until we find some bookshelves and its a book about mastering the inner game of wealth. One chapter which I re read during a recent power outage is about how your mind conditions you to be poor or wealthy and is the reason why if you get a big windfall, you will blow it all away. But you can prevent this and recondition your mind to accept wealth.

Now I have been content with my life having been retired for over 12 years and been able to do what ever I wanted. But now I have extra responsibilities and I need more money to further improve my lifestyle and the lives of others around me. so I have taken up a challenge to become a millionaire.

I am working with a Billionaire Ed Mercer who is in the process of turning 100 ordinary people into Millionaires for an Entry in the Guinness Book of World Records. He already hold 4 other entries for helping people.

Ed has partnered with a marketing company called Veretekk, where I'm am a volunteer trainer who have built a duplicable system to create wealth no matter who you are.

There are less than 200 positions left in the core team so you will need to act fast

People are being placed according to time stamp

Get involved right now and get people placed under you:-

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