Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Whatever it Takes

Do you have what it takes to succeed

It really amazes me with all the opportunities that abound that so few people succeed in creating serious wealth. Do you know who is to blame, no not not your sponsor, not the company, not the products. Its YOU.

Take a look at successful people, they are always seeking ways to increase their wealth to fulfil lifetime ambitions of helping other people or other projects. They research projects and then apply themselves 100 % to the task to get their money working with a good return.

Now one thing that holds most people back is they complicate matters. It like asking directions from someone if you are lost and rather than following the path provided which will take you to your destination you think you know better and go off your own way and get lost.

I see this happening on a daily basis, now some people are borne leaders and some are followers but at times a leader will become a follower in areas where someone else has better knowledge knowledge or expertise. I used to manage and lead a team of international adventure racers covering 500-1000 miles in 5-10 days using non powered transport, trekking, kayaks etc. Generally the best qualified person in a particular sport led that particular leg. It was very important to following instruction to the letter as mistakes could result in death and we were often in remote areas of the Jungle.

Determination is another trait of winners no matter what stands in you way you need to do whatever it takes. It took me 3 years and thousands of dollars to officially cross the finish line of an adventure race.

I am now learning how to create serious wealth learning from an expert Billionaire Ed Mercer, and what he and his team say I will do without hesitation because I know that success breeds success.


David Ogden

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