Saturday, August 11, 2012

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

100 people wanted for Millionaire challenge

Who wants to be to be a millionaire, was a popular family quiz for a time, give the right answer to a number of questions and the money was your. The problem is winners of this kind of competition, ending losing there winnings just a quickly, so what is the point.

Now I know of a Billionaire who is seeking to set yet another Guinness book of records for creating 100 new millionaires. He came from a poor family background and made his first million at the the age of 27 and has gone on to create a number millionaire already.

His latest challenge is just starting and he is looking for suitable people that he can mentor and develop into millionaires. This is perhaps the offer of a lifetime and is being explained during two webinars on Saturday.

If you have a home-based business, but have not yet achieved the level of success you are seeking, make sure you attend this event. Ed has already broken 4 different Guinness Book of World Records and has recently announced that he aims to do it again...

Since last week's announcement, already dozens of people have joined Ed's team I am already onboard and would invite you to attend...

Take this invitation seriously! It is truly a remarkable, totally unique opportunity that has never occurred before. Ed is looking for 100 people to PERSONALLY mentor... and he's specifically looking for people that have not had success up till now. (As he puts it, "I'm not looking to make 100 millionaires into multi-millionaires. I want to help empower people that really need it!")

Do to worldwide demand, there will be 2 live web conferences at 8am PST and then again at 1pm PST this Saturday, 8/11/12.

To join the conference just click the link to go to the event you wish to attend:

8:00am PST Web Conference

1:00pm PST Web Conference

Use to check out time where you live.


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