Sunday, September 21, 2008

DHS Clubshop

The DHS Club stands for The Discount Home Shoppers' Club and they offer free DHS Club memberships in our international buyer's club that gives you real team Group Buying Power!

Since 1997, members from all over the world have come to The DHS Club to shop, save and earn cash back rebates at our online ClubShop Mall! From there, DHS Club Members become VIP Members and have begun their own affordable home based international business.

The DHS Club business is a dynamic income opportunity twhich steadily builds a large, long term, recurring income. The DHS Club's innovative Vertical Integration Network Development Plan, and their exclusive e-Business Institute Training Canter and ClubAdvantage Business Building System makes their business opportunity a very unique network marketing or direct sales opportunity!.

Building DHS ClubShop opportunity does however rely on buying co-operative marketing leads and this is perhaps the weak link of the DHS ClubShop business. Purchasing leads does not work, what every business needs is customers,some people however do not understand the difference. Co-operative marketing leads are obtained usually as a result of a marketing campaign which gives away free gifts or samples in return for collecting peoples details and generally speaking these types of people are freeloaders and not interest in online opportunities.

Tomorrows home business has a novel solution, that of buying customers. Buying customers not leads is a profitable business, as existing customers are more likely to repurchase items that they like and have ordered in the past.

David Ogden - Tomorrows home business
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