Friday, September 19, 2008

How To Build Work From Home Business

How to build a work from home business is a question often asked on Google so you can image my surprise this morning when I looked at the results and found one of my web sites listed in number three position of some 6 million results. The actual text was from my blog running within my home shopping sites.

The reason that my site is so high using the search query how to build work from home businesis is due to the fact that this site has new data posted in the blog on a regular basis and is just what the search engine spiders are looking for. The site also is tagged with the keywords work from home business.

A site which is optimised for for Search engines, following the Google guidelines will always feature well in result provided the content is rel event and has changing content. there is no need to resort to pay per click or pay companies to gt you to top positions when you can do it for yourself.

Once you have set up your work from home business site you need to start marketing it, the first step is to submit it to Google. Once that make sure that you go to Google webmaster Tools, add your site and get it verified. Part of this process will include setting up a sitemap.

So far I have provided information about how to build work from home business site, this is an important step because if you are involved with an Affiliate work from home business it is useless to promote your affiliate site as they will never obtain top positions, you are much better advised to direct traffic to a site which you have full control of and then send potential customers to your affiliate link.

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