Friday, October 17, 2008

AARP Insurance

AARP Insurance offer a special rates for AARP members and their families. You can enjoy special AARP Insurance rates even if you are not retired, provided you are over 50. In addition to AARP Insurance benefits you can make use of special travel offers and other information which is of focussed on elderly People.

AARP is similar in its offer to SAGA in the UK which also offers Insurance, travel, health and money advice. The major difference between the two however is that AARP has a political lobby.

The Daily news around the world is mostly about the roller coaster ride of stocks and shares as they move generally downwards towards recession and AARP and SAGA members are looking at their various insurance policies to see for two reasons, first to see if they meet their needs and secondly to see if they can still afford them.

AARP Insurance Lifetime income plans are quite costly as you need to invest a minimum of $5,000, which is a lot for many AARP members. So is there an alternative way of building an income source?

I have found an opportunity which should be of interest to AARP Insurance members, its is run by a group called Tomorrows Home Business who work together as a co-operative marketing group and earn money from purchasing existing customers from a health and wellness company in the USA. Now health and wellness is an important area for AARP and SAGA members, so you can kill two birds with one stone here and improve your financial situation and your health at the same time.

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