Thursday, October 16, 2008


The USA and UK are close to a recession and France, Ireland, Holland together with Singapore are already in recession, so what does this mean to AARP members. Officially a country is in recession following two quarters of bad figures so the New year does not bode well.

The UK is expecting house prices to fall a further 15% throwing more people into negative equity. The 2012 Olympics and many other sporting events will be effected as sponsors feel the pinch.

Pensioners such as AARP and their counterparts from around the world will find that their pensions are smaller than expected as their funds are affected by stock market falls.

A recent survey by USWitch shows that 42% of people have cancelled insurance policies or pension contributions to save money, If you have done this how are you going to survive in the future.

The falls in the stock market have driven shares down to a level where they were about five years ago, so stocks may take a further five years to bring their saving back to the levels of a couple of months ago.

What AARP members need to do is to find an alternative way of building savings without relying on the stock market such as a plan produced by Tomorrows Home Business, to find out more fee free to contact us.

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