Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Some people mad a bit of money from the Market bounce but the future is still bleak for AARP mortgage owners. House prices are in a world of their own and now everyone one is suffering and its not only in the USA and Europe it is a world wide problem. Builders still build but who can honestly afford to buy. The number AARP members who are still paying off mortgages in retirement is still rising and they struggle to make ends meet. Often the they have taken loans on the equity in their house.

A study released in September by the Centre for Retirement Research (CRR) at Boston College found that about 30 percent of homeowners ages 50 to 62 have cashed in on the equity in their homes, and they will likely remain saddled with mortgage debt and face a decline in net worth as they hit retirement

The reasons AARP members might need to refinance can be the result of layoffs or simply bad planning. The rule of thumb used to be to ensure all mortgages or loans were paid back before retirement, but as people seek to raise their living standards they started to live beyond their means, but the trouble is there is no safety net and now a few AARP members are in a situation that their loans exceed the equity in their house due to the slump in the property market.

Younger AARP members still have the time to put money aside for their retirement and one way to do this is to join a group called Tomorrow's Home Business who can show you how you can become a partner in a business which will help build funds to cover your retirement costs.

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