Thursday, October 23, 2008


AARP report that stocks and shares around the world continue to fall during early trading in Asia. Pakistan and the Philippines are both looking towards the IMF to help bail them out. Corporate organisations are already re-forecasting their yearly forecasts.

It seems there that it is going to be a long time before matters are going to improve, with Thanksgiving and Christmas fast approaching it seems there will be little to cheer about.

Companies world wide are tightening their belts and it will not be surprising if they start laying of older workers which will concern AARP members, because if they are forced to retire early it is a very bad time to purchase annuities.

AARP members have already voiced their concerns with candidates in the upcoming USA elections, but it will be sometime before any changes will filter through the system. The problem is that support for banks has to be paid by someone and its usually puts pressure on other taxes.

The only clear way for an AARP to get out of financial difficulty rests with them taking matters in their own hands and to build a business for themselves, but this is no quick fix option it will probable need five years or more of work to build a worthwhile income.

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