Monday, October 27, 2008


AARP Finance - The Week has started the way the previous week finished with stock markets around the world continuing to fall. Recession is a reality but how should one deal with the consequences.

The first thing AARP members need to do is not to fall into the trap of taking on further loans. Stop using credit cards wherever possible unless you can pay them it in full.

AARP members need to reduce all unnecessary spending.

Normally when stocks reach rock bottom its is time for AARP members to commit more money to 401(k) plans in the hope that stock will rise and increase the value of their savings, the problem is twofold, knowing when to buy and guessing how quickly stocks will rise.

A more conservative plan might be to buy into an existing successful business but few people have the funds to do this, so an alternative might be to start a business in partnership with Tomorrows Home Business who have a business model which shows a rate of return which exceeds most returns on stock investments and is inflation proof. Full details are available by contacting us.

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