Sunday, October 26, 2008

AARP Financial

AARP Financial has responded to public concern with Mutual funds with the following statement:-

AARP Financial recognizes that recent events in the financial markets are causing concern among investors. For those invested in money market funds, you may also be questioning the safety of your investment. We want to reassure you that your investment in the AARP Money Market Fund remains a conservative, low-risk investment and that you have quick access to these assets if and when you need them. In addition, I am pleased to report that the AARP Money Market Fund is now enrolled and currently participating in the Treasury Guarantee Program.

Richard M. Hisey President, AARP Financial Incorporated

Well that way the good news, the bad news for AARP investors is that since June the values have fallen as the financial markets have been brought to thier knees. you money is safe but not worth as much.

AARP members need to take action and look for ways to diversify their future income streams, like members of Tomorrows Home Business.

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