Saturday, October 25, 2008


AARP counterparts in the UK have been given some good news regarding state pensions.

Thousands of women who took time off to look after children will be able to boost their state pensions under a top-up scheme announced by the Government.

Work and Pensions Secretary James Purnell is proposing an amendment to the Pension Bill enabling people to buy up to an extra six years of National Insurance contributions.

Each extra year of National Insurance contributions adds around £160 a year to the state pension that people are entitled to. But the UK Government is increasing the cost of buying extra years from its current level of £420 per year to ensure the move will not cost it anything, although it has not yet said what the increase will be.

The UK Government estimates that around 550,000 people will be eligible to buy up the extra years, but in reality it expects only around 20% of these to take advantage of the scheme.

Mr Purnell said: "By 2010 around 75% of women reaching state pension age will be entitled to a full basic state pension, rising to over 90% by 2025, compared to around 35% today. However, we are mindful of the potential disadvantages faced by those who do not have a full work history, mostly women and those with caring responsibilities."

It will be interesting to see if if the USA Government will offer AARP members any ways to increase their pensions during these difficult times, or will they have to continue to take matters into thier own hands by producing residule income to live on from home businesses such at Tommorow's Home Business.

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