Friday, October 31, 2008


AARP Finance - AARP chief executive officer Mr Novelli has recently written to Secretary of the Treasury to demand that mandatory withdrawals from 401(k)retirement plans for people over 70 be cancelled due to the current financial crisis.

Currently AARP members over 70 are forced to withdraw a minimum amount each year (by 31st DEC) from their retirements plans based on the value of the plan at the end of the previous year. Failure to withdraw the minimum amount incurs a 50% tax charge. Due to the stock market upheaval some fund may have lost up to 40% of their value and and is not the time to be forced to cash in hard won savings.

Some AARP members financial difficulties could on the other hand be helped also if the 20% early with withdrawal funds from 401(k) plans was temporarily withdrawn, which would release much needed cash.

Withdrawing money from retirement funds is not to be taken lightly as is reduces expected income in retirement and at the moment most funds are at rock bottom they will take some time time perhaps years to reach their previous highs.

One alternative for AARP members to putting money into a retirement plan is to invest it in a successful joint venture such as promoted by Tomorrows Home Business which over a period of ten years can provide a 15% returns way above the interest earnt by placing money on deposit The secret of creating money is to make best use of investments which compound results.

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