Saturday, November 01, 2008


AARP Financial - The roller coaster week that has seen Oil prices fall by $2 a barrel has ended. For the fist time in two years USA oil consumption has dropped as belts are tightened to ward off economic decline. Hopefully for AARP members winter fuel cost will also be reduced.

Japan joined the growing number of countries forced to step in and and support their economy with a $243 billion aid package which includes fixed sum benefits of $600 for a family of four.

Major countries around the world are cutting interest rates to kick start a recovery, but this could have mixed results for AARP members as saving rates will also move downwards. There is growing concern as to how all these aid packages are going to be funded at the end of the day governments will be forced to balance the books which is likely to mean an increase in taxes.

One piece of good news for AARP members is the 5.8% increase in social security benefits that will be paid next year, one of the highest increase on record due to inflation during the current year.The average monthly payment for retirees is $1,090. In January it will rise to $1,153.

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