Sunday, November 02, 2008

AARP Financial

AARP - Financial: OPEC is unwilling to help out IMF

OPEC Secretary-General Abdullah El-Badri said it was "surprising" that the cartel's member countries were being asked to step in.

"This crisis created in the (United) States must be solved within the States," he told the same gathering, in contrast to Brown's repeated statements that the current financial turmoil was a global problem that required global solutions.

Gordon Brown the UK Prime Minister is visiting the Middle East seeking support despite earlier blasting OPEC for reducing oil output to maintain a high oil prices.

China is another country which could come to the aid of the IMF but this could prove a costly move as are likely to insist on a greater share of political power.

Debt is a major problem for AARP members some of whom hope that recent request by lenders to be allowed to reduce outstanding credit card dept by up to 40% on a case to case basis may help to improve customers financial situations will be agreed. They may have to wait until after the election.

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