Saturday, November 08, 2008

AARP Finance

AARP Finance - The 401(k) retirement saving plans used by AARP members was formed 30 years ago and until recently was showing good returns for AARP member who could afford to invest in them.

Many AARP members benefited from match contributions from their employers, but a growing number of companies are now reducing or abandoning matching contributions, which will have a disastrous consequences for those AARP members who are nearing retirement.

Here are some examples of companies who have changed their contributions

Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group Inc saved themselves $1.8 million by suspending matching 6% contributions during fist six months of this year.

General Motors Corp suspended 4% matching contributions.

Frontier Airlines Holdings Inc - Spokeswoman Lindsey Purves said the company discontinued its match June 1 as part of its effort to cut costs as it works its way through Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Company put in 50 cents for each dollar employee contributed up to 10 percent of pay.

The double whammy of large loss of value in the 401(k) plans which will perhaps take 5 years or more to recover and the need to contribute more due to the loss of company contributions will result in AARP members needing to delay their retirement date because they cannot afford to retire.

Some AARP members are beginning to think outside the box and looking to set up home based businesses to circumnavigate the shortfall but even plans such as Tomorrows Home business take some years to produce sufficient money to retire on, there is no quick fix.

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