Sunday, November 09, 2008

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AARP Finance news is pretty gloomy these days sales figures are falling as the credit crunch hits customers pockets. Unemployment is increasing as companies start laying off staff and with thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner it going to be a bleak time.

Just how AARP members will fare its hard to predict already some are cutting subscriptions for cable TV and phone services and switching to the Internet for free entertainment and communication.

The Internet can be a source of income for members of AARP some of whom already run their own online business. Yes you can make money on the Internet so long as you avoid the scams and get rich quick schemes. One business I recommend to AARP members is Tomorrows Home Business, because it is so simple to understand, easy to use and will after a period of 5-10 years be able to provide you with a monthly income for a relatively small initial outlay.

Many people in the USA are waiting for new incentives promised by Obama to materialise, however what ever changes he makes will take a year or more to start improving the situation, in the mean time its up to AARP to take action now to improve their lifestyle.

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