Thursday, November 20, 2008


AARP Finance - Is America able to climb out of recession? Stocks have fallen to their lowest level in recent years and companies supporting the automotive Industry are in a dire position with the three largest car manufacturers depending on government money to bail them out.

Members of AARP will be pleased to learn that the price of oil continues to fall, however this does not bode well for the future as exploration and development cost remain hire and in fact many oil companies have put future field on hold as they will no recover their costs.

Alternative energy programs are also being put on hold as oil is once again relatively cheap so there is no rush to come up with energy saving projects.

There is talk of a major realignment of financial power with developing nations seeking to have a better say in World financial matters.

Uncertain times can often be good for AARP entrepreneurs who have a wish to protect themselves from the vagaries of the financial markets by starting their own business.

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