Friday, November 21, 2008

Trivita International

Become a TriVita International Business Owner with the Most Powerful Business Model on Google Today!

TriVita health and wellness business at present operates in the USA and Canada, however the business opportunity is available Internationally by setting up your own LLC and bank account in the USA.

TriVita Inc was formed some 9 years ago by Michael Ellison as a direct selling company producing health and wellness products. TriVita's flagship product is TriVita Sublingual B-12 B6 and Folic Acid.

TriVita is different to many other business opportunities because it handles all the advertising, including prime time TV, newspapers and mailing. TriVita also sends out catalogues and a monthly magazine to all its customers.

Because TriVita handles all the marketing,sales and deliveries, it saves you money.

TriVita Business Associates and Affiliates can share in TriVita's unique Media Acquisition Program (MAP) and purchase existing customers from TriVita to earn ongoing commission.

Not only can you earn money every time your customers purchase but TriVita continue to market to them as well.

I have personally never seen a business like this in ten years of working online. Initially you could only become a partner of the business if you lived in the USA and Canada, however now TriVita accept International members who set up a Limited Liability Company(LLC) in the USA. If you need help with this please contact me.

TriVita - Tomorrows Home Business

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