Monday, January 19, 2009

AARP - Retire In Ten Years


AARP -Health after you retire in 10 years

The earlier you retire the more you need to think about what you are going to do in retirement to maintain your health.

An AARP study found people who get regular, moderate exercise tend to avoid the costs of long-term and chronic health care for 10 to 20 years longer than people who don't. That can add up to big savings, as well as a better quality of life: costs for top private care can run up to $80,000 a year or more. It pays to take care of your health after you retire.

How can you help keep your health care costs low?

AARP Members have found lots of ways to stay healthy and avoid expensive medical bills. Here are just a few:

Senior fitness classes and sports clubs
Gardening, mowing the lawn, raking leaves, sweeping snow off your steps
Ballroom dancing
Working as a volunteer
Getting regular check-ups with your doctor

Remember: A healthy lifestyle can save you money

You'll live longer and you'll feel better and enjoy life more. Don't give up if you are less healthy now than you would like to be. It's never too late to get back on track

So you see retirement is no longer the end of the line waiting for God, so why not try to retire ten years early like many AARP members.

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How to Retire In 10 Years
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