Monday, January 19, 2009

Retire in Ten Years

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Can you retire in ten years?

Currently the average retirement age in the USA is the early 60's, retiring earlier than this is going to need lots of money, perhaps 1/3 of your income so the first thing you need top do is work out your budget and then track spending

Government figures show that people earning less than £50,000 a year spend more than they earn. So It time to see where you are wasting money, as a first step put aside 10% of your income for emergencies. If you get a pay rise put the additional amount aside to start building your pension, rather than spending it.

It is helpful is you can use a computer software such as Money or quick to help analyse your spending and plan on how much you will need when you retire and you can quickly group expenses as necessary or discretionary items like holiday are discretionary.

Once you budget is complete you can start to analyse where the funds for your to retire early will come from. One method to curb spending is to throw away your credit cards and only use cash that way you will not be tempted to purchase items that you cannot afford.

Cutting cost is easier than you think on groceries use local supermarket rather than branded goods. Turn down your heating or air con to reduce energy costs. Interest rates are at all time lows at the moment so make sure you are getting the lowest rates on any loans or mortgages. If you own money on credit cards move to card which gives you an interest holiday on transferred balances.

Finally get the money you are saving working for you so that you can retire, one way of doing this is to set up a home business to build a second income stream.

I can show you a business model prepared by economist Dr Raymond Jewel which can be customised to meet with your own circumstances and required retirement income. A live opportunity will be presented every Thursday at 6PM EST in our conference room at select room log-in from top menu and enter first and last names and the password success.

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How to Retire In 10 Years
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