Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Veretekk WEB 2.0 -MLM Marketing Asia

You will need to wait for another month before the new Veretekk WEB 2.0 automated marketing system is upgraded as there has been a delay in  connection of  an additional  server farm to ensure a high speed service.(marketing at the speed of light)

The delay will also allow an international team of presenters to polish up their  educational seminars which will be open to the general public  where free information will be disseminated on a variety of subjects of interest to Internet business owners..

Many enhancement have already been made to the automated marketing system especially in the area  of email marketing in order to ensure the highest standards of service..  Further training and advice will be provided to Gold subscribers  on the ways to provide top quality information about their own business opportunities

David Ogden – Helping People Help Themselves
Veretekk Marketing Asia
Ph 386 308 1956 after 6PM EST or +60198428702 GMT+8

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