Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Veretekk WEB 2.0 Update

The V2 release is being held off until next month.

Here is why. First and foremost the whole concept has grown arms and legs. In other words, we have many more things we want to deliver and delver it we will. One of the fundamental benefits we want to deliver is the ability for Gold subscribers to broadcast daily not weekly from your Bully Pulpit. Therefore we are still in the process of beefing up the outgoing mail servers to facilitate this.

The next major benefit to the new release is having a team of Open House presenters ready to go to help educate the public on Internet Marketing. This team is being trained as I write this and many are getting close to having excellent market data presentations available through your new V2 Veretekk system when it does get released. This single enhancement is more than just technology, it is a major shift in a new direction that will make your success that much easier to achieve.

Imagine if you will, having something to promote that everyone on the Internet wants. Access to pertinent, current Internet education open to the public without need of cost, or even verification. Attendance just requires entering a name into the Vereconference room and to attend these focused generic seminars by trained presenters

These newly trained and skilful trainers will facilitate your Silver subscribers to understand why they need Veretekk Gold. For instance, did you know that Veremail, a major component in Veretekk is superior to any of the other mailing systems out there like Aweber? Did you know that Aweber increases their cost as your database grows? If you had 10,000 leads in your Aweber account, your monthly charge is $140 per month? And email uploads? Many mailing systems out there only let you upload email databases you buy from them, or like Aweber, charge you every time you do an upload and limit your uploads to 1000-2000 per day.

Of course all the other whistles and bells we promised for the V2 release are mostly ready to go, but we want the Open House presentations to be ready to go when we do. Primarily, the Video system and audio system integration along with a YouTube like Traffic Portal. These are major shifts in the direction and leadership of Veretekk.

When we do this new release the comp plan will change as well. The cost will increase to $54.95 and the payout will be as follows.

1st level (Silver and Gold) $10 per month for every Gold
2nd level (Gold only) $5 per month for every Gold
3rd level (Gold only) $15 per month for every Gold.

We are making this change so that a Silver member can build a nice residual income. With 5 Gold subscribers, their cost for Gold is paid for.

And with the new skills the trainers are learning, your Silvers will have every reason to want to upgrade to Gold.

Now that is marketing at the speed of thought.


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