Thursday, April 16, 2009


Web is Al Turnquist re-launch of Mentors on a Mission -  Why Start and Never Quit which was shut down even before it has ever got going,  Whystart 2.0 was partly a reincarnation of Jaguar marketing and Mentors on A mission internet marketing training and has left hundreds of disillusioned marketers wondering what Al Turnquist is doing next, yes he is  a master salesman able to sell ask to Eskimos and sand to Arabs but as a businessman he is not to be trusted.

Today I went into the back office of Whystart 2 in order to attend a weekly training on SEO and the first inkling of trouble was the site banner saying the site is now web Rhyno, of course the training was not available and reading some of the  FAQ’s it seems mentors on a mission has shut the site down.

I originally bought into Jag for $4,000 – now it’s no longer available.  Then my favourite site, Why Start was improved and expanded, however it now cost $20 a month.  I understand that WhyStart 2.0 owned by Mentors On a Mission has closed it's doors (went out of business),  under Web Rhyno –  I have to upgrade to pro for $99 and $55 a month come Feb. 2010. 

So what this means is that all marketing efforts for this site since the start of the year are lost, now depending how you value your time this could amount to  $12,000 in time and effort,. and what is the reward, another site to try and market, but gone are all of the attractive benefits.

AS I wave goodbye to my $12,000 investment I can only thank god that I have one of the best set of marketing tools  still available and that is Veretekk Web  2.0  which is a secure company  of  over 11 years standing led by Tom Prendergast, who cares for the people he is in business with...


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