Monday, August 29, 2011

Free online conference room

Marketing your Business Free online Conference Room

The rising costs of travel due to fuel price hikes and the downturn in the economy is forcing many companies to look at ways of reducing costs. If your business has a number of offices, or you have have personal who travel to meet with clients substantial savings can be made.

Looking back a the time I worked in the Oil Industry, I used to travel from Scotland to London on a regular basis. my meetings were generally scheduled in the early morning, so I used to travel down the night before and stay in hotel, charging the cost to the company including meals, on top of the costs of flights and taxis. In addition I would go out to lunch, charging it to the company before catch an afternoon flight home. Not only that I was out of my office for a whole day for a meeting taking on average a few hours.

An online conference room offers substantial savings and is not only cost efficient it is time efficient as well. A modern online conference room makes use of VOIP allowing instant communication and includes the ability to share presentations and even share web browsing which is ideal for support situations. My conference rooms also include a white board suitable for brain storming and the ability to play videos and also record the whole conference session. You know longer need someone to take the minutes.

Online conference rooms can be tailored to your needs even modified to match your companies image. Room sizes varies from 3 - 2,000 people. Your online conference room can be upgraded or downgraded on a monthly basis, so if you have a big event coming up and want to upgrade your room from 100 seats to 1,000 seats and then after the even you can downgrade back to 100 seats, which is the average size room for most business use and costs $250 per month. Click here to check it out today

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