Saturday, September 03, 2011

Marketing your Business

Marketing Your Business

Today is a departure from my usual tips on how to market your business, as I discovered new company with a unique marketing plan which not only can save people money when moving house but can also be turned into a business. The worlds finances are still in dire strakes and many people are struggling to sell houses to reduce their debt burden. The problem is there are few buyers and the costs of moving house can mount up quickly. I should know having moved house earlier this year.

  • The company provides a free listing for all sellers and if the property is not sold in 12 weeks pay the seller a small weekly compensation until sold.
  • Buyers are also encouraged to use the service and will have legal fees and survey paid plus 50% of removals costs.
That is a win win situation for both parties, but how can they afford all this, the answer is advertising, you see moving home incurs many ancillary costs and companies are only to keen to keen to have advertising on high traffic sites listed in Alexa. On top of which they have a number of international investors.

So now what of the business side, well interested parties can buy a franchise for a particular area and earn commissions on all sales in that area, in addition they can earn money from sub affiliates either in their area or from anywhere in the world. Now I think they have all angles covered and we will have to see how everything pans out, The only thing I do not like is the early starter Guarantees, which sound a bit get rich quick, but I can understand this is needed in order to get the all areas covered as soon as possible and the guarantees will not last forever.

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