Tuesday, September 06, 2011

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Today was a day of frustrations, it started ok I did my online marketing and then decided to to do some offline marketing of my sell my house property business, but combine that with a fitness session by using my mountain bike. The route I chose was the old coastal road. I packed a few leaflets in my hydration pack and set off. Before I had gone too far I had to stop and adjust my saddle as it was working loose on the gravel dirt track. Saddle fixed and I was on my way, spotted a house with a for sale sign. Nice house but no one home, tool some pictures and set off down the route. A few miles later another nice house but again no one home. spoke to neighbours across road and learn owner has Internet cafe in Sindangan. Got the phone number, readjusted my saddle and decided to head home for lunch.

After lunch, started trying to contact owners of properties and guess what not one reply. One person had 5 different numbers and did not answer, unbelievable. I had one email address but that was useless as the domain was missing. I tried on and off all afternoon and by evening time the whole network was busy so what can one do.

Yes network problem's are out with ones control however if you want to sell something you need to answer phones, it is almost as if the owners are not interested in selling.

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