Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Marketing Your Business

Marketing Your Business
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Google appear to be changing their attitude to Get rich quick scams and ways of making of making money online. It has long being known that direct marketing of Affiliate links is not effective as they rarely appear in search engine results. however the latest changes appear to have a broader affect when marketing your business.

I have been watching the position of my personal website on Google and noted it had fallen from page one and at the same time my Alexa ranking was increasing, rather than decreasing, so I asked a friend of mine Butch Hamilton, for his thoughts on the matter. He looked at my website and suggested that "make money online" might be the problem, so I rewrote by description and removed the offending words and now my site is back on page one and my Alexa ranking is starting to fall again.

It seems I had become complacent in marketing my own name, which is one of the first things you need to do when marketing your business. You need to keep an eye on the performance of your keywords and be prepared to take action if performance begins to fail over a period of time.

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