Friday, November 18, 2011

Marketing Your Business

Marketing Your Business
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How many different tools do you use on a regular basis to market you business, I would imagine quite a few, covering blogs, email, video, social marketing sites such as facebook and twitter, press releases and webinars.

Now most people look for the cheapest option and quite often will find free tools to use, but to be honest this strategy can backfire on you, blogs on and can be shutdown without notice, so you need to ensure that your blogs and websites are set up on your own hosting.

No serious online business uses free resources, some companies offer free hosting but you will find that then you are advertising for others and to be honest that does not look good or very professional.

To market your business you need to own your own domain and email address avoid using using free services such as Google, Hotmail and Yahoo all who have issues.

In my honest opinion the only the place for free, is to offer a free trial period so someone can try out your site or product say for 30 days

So todays message is review you use if free in marketing your business.

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