Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Marketing Your Business

Marketing Your Business
email marketing

Email marketing used to be a good way to market your business, but now due to the influx of scammers and spammers its is largely ineffective, unless first contact is made my some others means.

Many people wonder why it is that when they use an email blaster they get no response and the answer actually often lies in the message they are sending out, if all you are sending is an advert for your latest get rich quick scheme, the first stumbling block is the various spam traps which will be searching for spam content.

The best emails are those sent out in plain text but people often insist in adding banners and photos, which to be honest and no place in emails, especially with the growing trend of small mobile devices, which cannot display them and often cost the user money due to data fees.

Yes people want information, which may answer questions or expand on the use of your product or service but they do not want to be pressurised to buy, with special gimmicks.

Do not keep loading the same boring business marketing message in your email its big turn off.

So how do you run a successful marketing campaign for your business, well the first thing to do is to start building a rapport with the client and discover what it is that they want that you can provide. The best way to do this is some form of contact form, which needs to include a telephone contact number.

The next step is to call them and have a conversation with them about them, not about your business, take in what they have to say and then you can email them, even adding them as a subscriber to a suitable autoresponder. If they like what you send them they will become a subscriber for life. If not move on.

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