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Marketing Your Business - the value of Veretekk

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Marketing Your Business
Beware of WordPress It can damage your business

Now most people are aware that does not want you to run a business on its site so they offer an alternative where you can go and download the software to host a blog on your own domain and subdomain and this is extremely popular WordPress 3.3 has been downloaded approach 6.5 million times at a rate of over 1 times a second.

So what is the problem, the main problem is security, there are over 14 Million entries on Google about how to hack a wordpress blog and for this reason WordPress is continually proving updates which means you have to spend time updating your systems.

The second problem is the Add-ins, every time you install an add-in or for that matter a blog you are providing a free backlink to the programmer or WordPress, in other words you are advertising their business. Advertising is fine so long as you get paid for it. You can resolve these problems by editing the PHP files and removing or replacing all the links but this is quite time consuming and will be overwritten when the block or add in is next updated.

There seems to be add ins to do anything, but the more you have the greater exposure to hacking and the slower your system will run.

Wordpress is popular because it is easy to get a website up and running, but if you are serious about your business you need to find a better solution and one that will not only be secure but offer improved Alexa ranking. I have made some changes using assets and advice from and am pleased with the results so will be moving away from WordPress to a new blogging system.

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