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Marketing Your Business

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Marketing Your Business
Repetitive Marketing

Many so called marketers have a push button mentality, firmly believing that sending out exactly the same message on a daily basis will result in sales, this cannot be further from the truth. All it does is turn people off. Below is a Veretekk support chat extract which occurred a couple of days ago from one of these type of people:-

[23:08:56] *** wiland697 joined. ***
23:28:18]wiland697 I used to be a Veretekk Gold Members many years ago, I am a silver again, however, I went to the Bully Pulpit and to try to blast my ad to the servers we use to have, all I get is your voice training Tom.. Is there a way to do this still?
[23:31:02] Gudrun Smith, Business Development: silver have no access
[23:31:46]wiland697: Got it we use to, Sad to hear that I think I will revaluate this. Thanks.
[23:32:39] Gudrun Smith, Business Development: Veretekk has changed with a lot of powerful tools, when you really know what marketing is then you are willing to pay for this great service
[23:33:04] wiland697: I do, have approx 15K on a team now. Thanks.
[23:33:56] Terry Allison: You definitely need to reevaluate, and look at the bigger picture. The Veretekk system is more than a blasting system, and really has never been a blasting system.
[23:48:59] wiland697: I hear what you are saying, I only wanted to use it for some other seo, I use Press Release now, SEO, SEA, SEM. Video marketing, social media etc. Thanks
[23:55:50]Terry Allison: Like I said. Look at the bigger picture. We do all that right here in one place.
[ 00:00:08 | Edited 00:16:46] wiland697: Again, thank you for your assistance today.
[00:17:27] *** wiland697 has left ***

There are a number of points that can be learnt from this short chat.

Firstly Wiland697 is a typical MLM junkie seeking to blast out ads for his 5dollarfree program and he does not know what he is doing, if he did he would use his real name. Branding yourself is the first step on the road to success.

Secondly if he has a team of 15K it is doubtful if he has any income, it is a business built on sand, otherwise he would be a gold subscriber.

Thirdly blasting out ads has nothing to do with SEO

Finally look at the time nearing midnight and there is live professional support offering him advice and answering his questions. you are never alone with Veretekk.

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