Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Marketing Your Business

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Marketing Your Business
How Long does it take to get results

This is the age of instant gratification, where people want success yesterday, unfortunately the Internet does not work that way, yes you can have instant communications but building a business will always take time.

You will see many so called business opportunities but to be honest 99.9% are rubbish and should not be considered as a business, they are designed to separate people from their money, so that the only ones that make money are those who start up the opportunity. Some are easy to recognise with words like "Pre Launch, earn $100 a day, make $10,000 per month"

Marketing your business needs to start long before you pay for anything. You do not make an investment on the stock market before researching the stock of the company and its the same with Internet opportunities. If you are considering joining a new venture look at its Alexa ranking if the ranking is over 100,000, give it a miss.

You might ask why did I say that, well the Internet is packed full of websites going nowhere fast, largely as a result of the fact that anyone can build a website and promote any kind of rubbish and a lot of them are wordpress blogs, which is one of the reasons that all wordpress blogs rank so badly.

Getting to the top of Google is easy for non competitive keywords, however appearing at the top of a list is one thing but you need to have buying customers and that can be an entirely different matter. Potential customers these days are quite sophisticated and need information so you need to ensure you meet their needs with what you are offering. You must know everything about your business otherwise you will fail.

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