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Veretekk Platinum Control Panel

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>>>>>The Platinum Control Panel Video!<<<<<

I personally want to thank you for your fore-site and wisdom to get involved in this endeavor. Your substantial investment will have great returns as you build your business.

Being a Platinum Control Captain is a leadership position not just among the ranks of Veretekk, and not just among the Netizens of the Internet, but the world at large. As the globalization of the world continues and the economic shift becomes more pronounced you are positioning your self to be a force of positive change to be reckoned with.

There are several major benefits the Platinum Control Panel represents. Let me list them here for your perusal.

  • Being an SEO professional: This is the primary purpose of this system. SEO has become the primary goal of Veretekk. To be able to control unlimited SEO assists (blogs, RSS feeds, social networks, mailing lists, classifieds, search engines, forms, etc.). Ad to that 1000's of Veretekk assets built right into the system, like the Blogger Drones, Blogger template files you download, Super Forums, and you can easily see that using the Platinum Control Panel to run an SEO campaign is the only manageable solution on the Internet.
  • Being a team captain: If you have an opportunity within a down line of distributors, start a team and delegate. Use the Platinum Control Panel to manage their Veretekk Gold systems and delegate duties to them, mostly blogging. You can take care of the swarming, configuration, mailing etc. in minutes compared to your team members learning curve to do all of this. Therefore your marketing effort is leveraged and your team prospers!
  • Being a Veretekk leader: Do you have a lot of Silvers in your front line? How about Gold's? Contact them and let them know you can configure their systems for them in record time. That way they can concentrate on marketing, not the learning curve. It is your choice if you want to offer this service for a cost. Think of the benefits, did you know most Gold accounts that cancel due so because of the time constraints? Help them save time and build more Gold accounts.
  • The entrepreneurial capabilities wrapped around the Platinum Control Panel: Start an online business promoting Veretekk with the added benefit of setting their account up for them if they upgrade to Gold.

Summary of your main systems to your left:

  • Groups: Group management is were you start. One of the Platinum Control Panel's functions is to take a single or group of Veretekk systems and combine them into a single marketing campaign. Groups does this. Grouping Veretekk systems together allows our technology to automatically and quickly link all the systems, portals and each other together and at the same time group the different Veretekk accounts in that group together. There is video and training on this.
  • Usernames: This is were you add Veretekk usernames into your groups. You will need the password as well to the account to ad the account to your system. There are many reasons to ad Veretekk accounts, like for SEO swarming, or just access to send newsletters out via the Bully Pulpit from a centralized location.
  • Bully Pulpit: Gain access to the Bully Pulpit of every Veretekk system you have added to your Platinum Control Panel. This gives you ease of broadcasting to a huge database from the combined data of all the Veretekk systems you control. The very same Bully Pulpit broadcasting system found in the Gold Veretekk system.
  • Keywords: The keyword section teaches and explains the importance of what and how keywords are necessary for a successful SEO campaign. The section outlines procedure and identifies services that help achieve this goal.
  • Mass Configure: All your Veretekk systems and their Traffic and Profit portals need configuration. Configuration includes Title tags, meta tags, and content. Doing this by hand can take many hours. Using the Mass Configure tool cuts that job down to about 5 minutes.
  • Swarm Portals: Swarming is a term used to indicate a link strategy were you link a multitude of sites one to the next as well as additional key worded links to your primary target site. This has been automated and what used to take weeks to do, now takes a few minutes. The more Veretekk systems in your Platinum Control Panel, the more powerful your back links become from your Portals being swarmed.
  • Blogging: The blogging section of your Platinum Control Panel is a control panel all about blogging. The Blogging Control Panel gives you access to all the Veretekk account's RSS feed systems that are subscribed to your Platinum Control panel. You also get customized Blogger templates you can build all, over the Internet and an array of other powerful blogging tools.
  • Tools: The tool section is another Control Panel of extreme tools that will round of the power of the Plat. Tools like a Calling list of all your premium leads, a custom page making system, a powerful drill and auto Hammer.

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