Wednesday, January 04, 2012

The Warrior Forum

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For people who may have missed the importance of The Warrior Forum, I am reposting this timely article.

The Warrior Forum

Let us get right down to the heart of promoting on the Internet, using the power of search engine optimisation, but in reality, a much more powerful way to promote a website. In this timely Bully Report, I am going to unlock some of the mystery that surrounds the act of promoting and establishing yourself as an expert, BEFORE you promote your latest and great network marketing or MLM gig.

Let us take a look at The Warrior Forum in more detail. One of the best ways to check them out, or any site for that matter, is by going to Here, you will see actual traffic stats, reviews and much more about the popularity of the website in question.

As you can clearly see, The Warrior Forum rank on is 140! Now that is impressive unto itself, but it gets even better than that. There are approximately 6-10,000 people on this site 24/7. Now think about this for just a moment. Is there anywhere that you can go on Google, other than Google itself, and become part of the power of those numbers? Ok, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube of course. But in reality, do those services allow you to establish yourself as a professional?

The Warrior Forum does that and more!

The Warrior Forum is About:
Proving Professionalism
Gaining Notoriety

The Warrior Forum Is NOT About:
Pitching Your Latest Business
Advertising Your Money Maker
Promoting Veretekk As the Best System
or any of the ways that most people try to use it!

Here is where I want your attention! Follow this thread on The Warrior Forum called Search Engine Optimisation. Tom Prendergast and Butch Hamilton started to engage on the topic of search engine optimisation in July 2011. Many are having people come, make comments, send friend requests and more. Do join and start pitching anything at all here. Just watch, follow, observe and learn how to approach this forum in an engaging manner and its still running today.

Think about this positive move for your business. IF you become good at this, you will move your business into an entirely new and profitable arena. If you do this wrong, you will still just be stuck inside your Veretekk box.

We want our Veretekk Subscribers to BREAK OUT! and learn how to build their own business

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