Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Marketing Your Business

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Marketing Your Business

Online social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter continue to grow in popularity. According to The Nielsen Company, the amount of time we spend on social networking and blogging sites increased 210% over the past year, with the leading sites boasting hundreds of millions of users.

These virtual communities are not only a great way to stay in touch with friends, but are also increasingly being used for online marketing and this has opened a door for scam artist.

Thieves are devising increasingly clever ways to use these popular sites to run their cons. They'll hack into an account, pass themselves off as your friend, and then trick you into downloading malicious software....or they'll make a desperate, emergency plea for you to send them cash to a mail box, Yes that has happened to me...or they'll lead you to a fake web site that asks you for your private banking information.

Another ploy are the quizzes and games that ask for your cell phone number so that the results can be sent to you—and you don't know you've been conned until you see mysterious charges on your next phone bill.

So how can you Protect yourself?

  • If something you get from a friend looks strange maybe an odd-looking web address or wording that doesn't sound like something they'd write check with them or over the phone or skype, and ask if they sent you the message.
  • To avoid your own account being hacked into, protect your login information and use strong passwords (easy for you to remember, but hard for others to guess) that you change frequently.
  • Limit what you share on your profile page or as part of online games. Revealing information like birth dates, cell phone numbers, travel plans, and activities that take you away from home can expose you to all kinds of criminal activity, including identity theft, stalking, and home robbery.
  • Install and run anti-malware software that can automatically block any malicious files before they land on your computer and do damage.

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