Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Marketing Your Business

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Marketing Your Business

Google is now advising website owners that its future direction in providing search results will rely more heavily on web content rather than grey hatted SEO work. This will mean that sites which have little or no SEO techniques applied to them but have otherwise good content will rise up the results.

The changes as and when they are implemented will certainly help the small business owner who often does not even know what SEO is. The days of some so called SEO specialists may be numbered as content becomes king.

Former Google Webmaster Central creator Vanessa Fox made the following comments

"I don't think it's about just mom and pop vs. big brands,---- Lots of big brands don't know the first thing about SEO. I think (total guess on my part) the sites that will be negatively impacted are those that focus on algorithms and build content/sites based on the things what they think the algorithms are looking for. The kind of sites where someone didn't say 'I want this page to rank for query X. How can this page best answer what the searcher is asking about X' but instead said 'I want this page to rank for query X. How many times should I repeat X in my title, heading, content on the page, internal links…"

Sounds like good news to me, all this page density mumbo jumbo and worrying how to Panda updates effect results will perhaps come to an end.

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