Friday, March 23, 2012

Marketing Your Business Tips

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Marketing Your Business
Marketing Dashboard

To create a dashboard, your business will need to be able to capture information from different information systems and consolidate data from campaigns, responses, customer interactions, and new business.

Now all this sounds quite complicated and time consuming, but what if I told you that on the 1st April 2012, you would be able to purchase your own marketing dashboard for the princely sum of just $54.95 per month.

This is not any April fools scam, it is a serious offer for business entrepreneurs, who wish to benefit from a seamlessly integrated set of tools which have been in development for the past three years.

During the last few years the Internet has spread even further afield due to 3rd and 4th generation mobile devices so now you can remain in contact and share your daily life with the likes of facebook and Youtube no matter where you are provided you have a reliable connection.

Social marketing is one of the keywords of the age, so imagine a business interface which interacts with you social marketing site, keeping fellow socialites informed on what you are doing and enabling you to store and share your business tips and success via video, email, articles, press releases, blogs and countless websites.

Does this sound like something that might interest you, if so keep watch this space as more will be available shortly.

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