Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Step Change in Marketing

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In a few days time a revolution in Internet marketing is going to occur, no its not something that that you have to sell to friends and family with promises of wealth. it is what I like to refer to as a marketing dashboard.

The system has been under development for a number of years and will be launched in beta on 1st April, so what does the system do, well its a great productivity tool and will not only save you time but will also enable you to keep you companies message in front of potential clients and customers, via many forms of media at the push of a few buttons.

You will be able to spend more time researching content for your informative blogs and articles but at the same time keep in touch with with people in your social circles and business associates.

I have watched the development of this project since its inception and I am completely blown away. What is about to be delivered is much more than initially anticipated and will provide a virtually seamless applications including hosting, training, conference rooms, autoresponders, videos, blogs, business opportunities, 24/7 support for a fixed monthly fee.

You will no longer have to mix and match applications across a number of different websites and if you add or modify a piece of information the changes will be reflect across the who system, which is why I call it my marketing dashboard.

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