Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Marketing Dashboard

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Marketing Your Business
Advertising your business

I can hardly wait for for the weekend to arrive in order to evaluate my new business dashboard, it is something that many people dream about owning.

Anyone who has been advertising their business online for a number of years will probably have collected or used many different programs and pieces of software to develop their business. The problem is they are not designed to work together. You might have built a site on Wordpress, hosted at Godaddy with an auto responder from Aweber and a conference room from goto meeting. You have made sales videos at You Tube and keep in touch with your friends, via Facebook, Twitter and Skype. Does this sound familiar.

You end up retyping or copying information from one system to another which can be very time consuming. you probably also have developed an number of online profiles on different system which you try to keep up to date.

Now just suppose there was a intuitive system which from the outset has been designed not only to get your message out there but also to gather leads and enable you to keep in touch with like minded people, to whom you can turn to for advice on many diverse subjects at any time of the day or night.

Well one of my catch phrases has been

Turning your Dreams into Reality

So watch this space for more news

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