Sunday, April 01, 2012

Watch UK TV Anywhere

Life in the Philippines
TV in the Philippines

TV in the Philippines generally is based on American style programs and it is rare to find a service which offers programs from the BBC let alone sport such as Rugby, although now the Philippines are taking up Rugby sevens and Rugby league perhaps there will be more coverage, otherwise you have to put up with Baseball, Basketball, Snooker and of course football.

TV reception is often interrupted by bad weather, tropical rainstorms and high winds, so I have been looking for alternatives. now I did come across one piece of software which allowed viewing of TV programs from around the world, but this only offered recorded programs ,so was something of a rip off, however last week I found a company which offered UK TV programs from the BBC and ITV.

I subscribed to the program and found it seemed to work well over my broadband connection, having been a fan of Doctor Who since it was first introduced many years ago I was pleased to see it was still running and was able to watch one of the latest episodes. I also caught up on UK breakfast time news and a rugby game. All in all I was quite impressed. I did suffer a little spooling delay when watching the rugby game but that was because my partner was also downloading something from the Internet at the same time.

So if there are any Expats out there missing out of programs from home they should check out Expats Telly I recommend it

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