Sunday, May 27, 2012

Are you using Your Free Verblog

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Marketing Your Business
Using your Vereblog

I really find it hard to understand why it that virtually no new user to Veretekk bothers to setup up their Vereblog. I do not know if it lack of confidence to write or lack of understanding of how a simple action of posting information can build backlinks and promote your business for FREE.

Yes this a FREE resource why do you not use it. When you write your blog post it will appear on you profile, you can even set it up so it is the default page for your profile. Your vereblog will also show up on all your friends pages, building additional backlinks.

You vereblog post can also be sent out to you email contact via a simple click of a few buttons, shared on multiple social sites, with the click of a few buttons and also shared in Veretekk groups, posted to 1st family classifieds and made into stand alone web sites using Freepage. you Simple FREE blog post can turn viral and be read by hundreds if not thousands of peoples building backlinks to your profile and business for FREE.

I actually hate promoting Free things, due to all the freeloaders who are never prepared to spend money and just waste people time but this simple tool and action of posting every day will get you results.

Ok now you know who will see it, what are you going to write about. Start with writing about yourself or something that interests you, it can be anything, travel, sport, life experience, business, product reviews, health tips, but please NO SELLING

Attach a signature file to the end of each post to sites you want to promote and that is where what I call the silent selling is done, if people like what you are writing about they will follow the links. The Vereblog attracts search engine spiders to what I call this spider food of content and will also follow these links for more information.

The first task is for you to take action and start writing as you gain confidence you will start to modify what you write about to provide answers for people that are searching for information.

You will not get any results if you do not take action, so come on pull your finger out and get going if you want success. Still cant get going, then Write a post giving reasons why you cannot follow this simple idea. Or perhaps you prefer to pay me $50 a day and I will do it for you:)

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