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Marketing Your Business

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Marketing Your Business

There are many steps one needs to take to to market an online business, the first of which is to identifying you target customers. One way of doing this is to use Google tools such as the Adwords keyword selector, Google and Alexa search. you have to put yourself in the position of a potential customer, what words are they likely to enter into a search engine and find your site.

They may for example enter your company name if they know it, but it is more likely they will use some other phrase, let us suppose your are a travel company in the Philippines offering tours to inbound tourists perhaps you might start with the words Philippine travel.

The Google keyword tool will then produce a listing of keywords related to Philippine travel such as Philippine travel tours, Philippine travel guide, together with a listing of expected monthly search and how competitive the keyword is, i.e. how difficult it might be to get to page one of search results.

Once you have say half a dozen options, then go to the second stage and enter each in to Google and make a note of the number of PPC adverts which appear in the results, if there are no adverts it probably means it is not a good keyword to use. you will also see who your competitors are likely to be.

Do the same thing in Alexa and look at the Alexa rankings of your competitors and also what are their popular keyword searches.

By the time you have finished this exercise you will have a good ideas of what keywords you need to have in your site, and then its a matter of testing them out. which I will deal with in my next blog

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