Thursday, May 31, 2012

Marketing Your Business - Keywords

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Marketing Your Business

Yesterdays blog was about selecting keywords and today we are going to the next stage and going to use the site to further examine keywords relating to Philippine travel. now you will need to use the advance search features and set country to Philippines.

Now here is a keyword tip use the singular term Philippine to get the most results and it also contains the plural Philippines, so entering Philippine travel, and looking below the advertisers we see a number of general sites such as Google, Wikia, etc which we ignore but on page two come across with a rank of 735,000 Filipino Travel Center with a rank of 735,000, which is interesting as its below the 1,000,000 which is where we want our site to rank. go to the site and look at the search characteristics and you will notice that Cebu Pacific the local airline tops the search traffic, this could also be a good keyword for your site as your potential customers are likely to use the airline.

Take a look also at the sites linking in, you might want to consider linking to some of these sites yourself such as and You are probably starting to realise now that marketing and keyword research is a much bigger subject, than just grabbing a keyword out of thin air. Keyword research can take weeks or months but is time well spent to ensure that you will build a site that will become popular.

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