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Marketing Your Business Tips

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Marketing Your Business
Meta Tags

Using Metatags to market your business, now some so called experts suggest that you not longer need to use metatags when marketing online, but I know for a fact that is always improves your results, so what are meta tags,they are coding placed in the header of a web page or document which provide information for a search engine spider to use when indexing a page. some common tags are shown below

title Philippine travel /title
meta name="Generator" content="EditPlus"
meta name="Author" content=""
meta name="Keywords" content=""
meta name="Description" content=""

This Is where content of website is placed

Now the title of the document will dictate where the site will appear so if we want our site to be placed under Philippine Travel that name need to appear in the title.

We also need to place Philippine travel as one of the keywords alongside other keywords that we have researched.

The description that we type in will be what appears in search results and need to include your main keyword, if you fail to enter a description the search engine will gather some information from you site which might not be relevant to the content.

The body of the website needs to contain good content that expands on the title and keywords, which will involve quite a lot on writing. When writing content is should flow naturally without repeating keywords to many times.

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