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Marketing Your Business Tips

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Marketing Your Business
Daily Routine

I have a question for you today, do you market your business everyday? Now some of you will say yes, I send out my email message to my lists everyday, well that is great but I hope not exactly the same boring message. you customers or potential customers are not interested in what you say you are earning what they want to know is more about how your products and services will help them, so you need to drop the sales pitch and provide useful contents.

I write about 300-500 words about marketing your business every day 24/7/365, if I do not write something I fell guilty. The article I write I then use multiple times, sending it to blogs, forums, websites, social sites such as Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook. Now some people will say who that is duplicate content, but the answer is no because every site is slightly different. I also use classified ads and free webpages and all of these posts build backlinks to my business.

Google and other search engines reward you for supplying new content and relevant keyword specific links to your site by ranking your sites in the keywords of your choice which I covered in my earlier posts.

Depending upon my thought processes, I can usually complete this part of marketing my business in about an hour and then I can set about answering emails and contacting leads developed by my marketing system

I am developing a marketing seminar and Invite you to take a short survey to provide feedback on how you market your business at the moment.

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