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Marketing Your Business

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Marketing Your Business
Is it easy to market your business

Marketing you business is not easy and that is why large and medium size companies hire advertising agencies to the the work for them, but a small business owner cannot afford to do this and so has to do the marketing and advertising themselves.

If you have been around a bit you will have run across comment marketing, and it often abused because the ill-informed try to build links to their own sites, by placing comments and links on other peoples blogs and forums, which have absolutely nothing what ever to do with what they are selling. In fact for this reason in recent Google algorithm changes some popular sites lost ranking positions due to poor quality links. I personally do not allow any comments on my blogs, because I am not prepared for other people to benefit from my hard work.

Well placed and constructed backlinks are what is needed when marketing your business. The best backlink is one that contains a keyword or phrase that appears on both sites, but all backlinks need to link to a site which contains more information about that particular link text. You can place a backlink in a signature box of a blog or forum post and they work best if the content you are writing about is relevant to the link.

For example this post is about home based business:-

Network marketing is a wonderful idea for entrepreneurs to think about when starting or looking at a particular business model. The benefits of network marketing gives people the ability to start a business from the ground up with very little overhead or investment on their part without the need to hold inventory. This of course means that there is no need to carry or ship products to customers. Network marketing allows the customers of a particular company the opportunity to become distributors who spread the word about the company's products creating the perfect model for any home based business.

You content should not read like a sales blurb but instead provide quality information about your product or services that your readers will find interesting. This is a true test and is an area where many people fail, because they try to market something they have no knowledge about. It akin to opening up a restaurant with now knowledge of food, or purchasing a yacht and not knowing about sailing.

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