Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Marketing Your Business

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Marketing Your Business

I was asked a question the other day if I had an opportunity or business which could earn someone $300 this week. Now I have always had issues with the thousands of emails promising this kind of result, because the business I promote take time to develop.

The problem is that there are quite a few desperate people out there who need to earn money quickly. This got me thinking and we discussed the matter for a couple of hours, often ending up back at my first answer. I tend only to market business opportunities which earn money in the long term. We discussed many subject from web hosting and selling domain names to real estate and Forex and at different time I had tried most. Some had promising starts only to turn out to be scams. The most successful was Forex trading which I ran for a year and made some good money only to lose it due to poor Internet connections and power outages at critical times.

The discussion on Forex actually prompted me to take a look at a Forex business in pre-launch which I joined at the end of last week and to my surprise it appears to be making money with potential bonus of $500 and earning of $60 per month, perhaps this is something which will fit the bill in future, only time will tell.

A colleague of mine says

There are leads all over the internet for free staring people right in the face and they do not even realize it. I must say that; only the people I work directly with will get this valuable information on calling prospects. Sorry, but I cannot reveal all the productive secrets to building a large organization within your home based business.

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