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Marketing Your Business

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Marketing Your Business
Personal reflections

I am still puzzled on how to market my business in the Philippines. as I see it there are two challenges, one lack of money and two the population is relatively young. Internet cafe's are popular, but used mostly for playing games. Yahoo is used extensive here with many businesses having a yahoo email address, this is somewhat surprising as I find Yahoo tends to corrupt my computer, so I avoid using it.

I use a local business forum to engage with locals working online but it is difficult to have any meaningful discussion. I have noticed that the majority of advertising provides little information about what is being sold and rarely links to a website. The seller either requesting a PM or an email for further details. People do seem to read entries in the forum judging by the emails requesting more information, and this is perhaps something that I can use to my advantage for marketing my business.

A colleague of mine says

There are leads all over the Internet for free staring people right in the face and they do not even realize it. I must say that; only the people I work directly with will get this valuable information on calling prospects. Sorry, but I cannot reveal all the productive secrets to building a large organization within your home based business.

Thanks Steven , I have just found a new source for marketing my business now all I have to do is resolve the money issue and get them to use the Internet cafe's to get them out of the poverty trap.

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